Cine Letter

Do you want to enchant your loved ones with a truly personal gift?

For example, share memories in honor of your wedding anniversary? Turn videos and photos of a trip or a celebration into an everlasting video or recordings of your children and grandchildren into a cinematic family album?

Order your personal Cine Letter – your video letter – from me.

It goes without saying that you always and exclusively retain all rights to your image material and therefore also to your finished Cine Letter.

Individual and timeless

Turn the treasures of photos and videos from your archives into a unique gift.

Combine them – if you wish – with a personal message or text graphics of your choice.

Decide individually what style your Cine Letter should have. Each Cine Letter is unique and is designed according to your personal ideas.

As an individual or as a group, commission a contemporary document that your loved ones will enjoy for decades to come. Because the sentimental value of a Cine Letter increases with every passing year.

Production process

In the first step, describe your ideas to me and name the material you want to use: Videos, photos, music, etc. This first step is free of charge.

Choose one of the offers:

  • Small Cine Letter (420 euros): Your Cine Letter will be up to 90 seconds long.
  • Medium Cine Letter (760 euros): Your Cine Letter will be up to three minutes long.
  • Individual Cine Letter, tailored to your wishes. You will receive a cost estimate.

I will create a rough cut for you.

After viewing the rough cut, you have the opportunity to make changes or contribute further ideas.

I will then finalize your Cine Letter.

Cine Letter

Delivery format

You will receive your Cine Letter on a charmingly presented stick (USB and USB-C). The boxes are available in different colors.

I will also be happy to deliver your Cine Letter as a download.

Cineletter Abgabeformat

Legal rights

All property rights, usage rights and exploitation rights to your videos and photos remain with you from start to finish. After completion of your Cine Letter, I will immediately delete all the digital content you have provided to me for its creation. You alone own all property rights, usage rights and exploitation rights to your Cine Letter.


If you want to digitize old video and audio media of any kind (from Super8 to VHS, from photos and slides to vinyl records), please contact my partner medienrettung with confidence. Click on the link below and the coupon code CINELETTER for 5% is automatically applied.


Your order

Contact me and let me know your wishes. Together we will realize your Cine Letter.